River City ~ Dispatches from Austin

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Greetings from Austin, Texas!

And welcome to River City News, your source for rumor, conjecture, dubious (at best) claims and outrageous opinion. This site will be updated several times a week, and you'll mostly read about music, movies, and other worldly issues that seem to light some sort of spark in the editor's head. And in a world desperately in need of another web site, River City News will not only fulfill this lofty dream, it will also direct you to other valuable web sites as necessary. Relax, grab a beer, and enjoy yourself. There's enough hot air blowing around for 10 web pages like this.

There will be a music update once a week, probably on Thursdays. You can email me with ideas or bands you would like to see discussed here. If they are of no interest to the editor, you will either be politely sent away, or - on a more generous day - asked to submit your own review.

Other general site updates will come on a strict "every now-and-again" basis. Enjoy!


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