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Monday, June 10, 2002

The weekend has come and gone, and taken with it the Corey Feldman Band, the Big Fight, and a few more hours of wasted sleep that the editor will never reclaim. So on Monday morning, all that's left is what stares us in the face from the e-mail inbox.

Normally, River City News handles reader letters in one of its inside pages, River City: Submerged. But today's mail was just too shocking to be buried there. We need some expert help with this one:

Dear Member,

It has come to our attention that your name may be 1 of the 30,000,0000 people in North America that has unclaimed riches to be claimed.

Please Click Here to Enter your name in the Unclaimed Money Search Engine to verify Immediately: http://9897.foundmoney.com (Notification Date: 05/24/02)

Unclaimed Funds Department
Found Money.com

Is this great or what? Enjoy River City News while you can, because it looks like retirement is right around the corner, what with the forthcoming claiming of unclaimed riches (to be claimed)!

Guest writer and longtime pal Harrison Pak knows what it's like to recieve bizarre e-mails as a matter-of-course. And he's speaking up about it! Read his rant in River City: In Too Deep.


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